CEO Breakfast Talk – Roles & Responsibility For FDW

CEO Breakfast Talk – Roles & Responsibility For FDW

Talk For Employers Of Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) – Roles And Responsibilities

As part of Skills Future Festival 2019, the National Safety Council of Singapore (NSCS), in partnership with Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) is organising a seminar on topics relating to the engagement of Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) in Singapore.

Employers or bosses will be more assured of their responsibilities and obligations, Work Passes and Offences under EFMA. Employers will be more aware of how to impart the very important competencies in the area of domestic activity safety, food, hygiene, slips, trips and falls management and fire and electrical safety.

Prevention is better than cure as the saying goes. Prevention management is therefore a key takeaway for in minimising food poisoning, injuries due to poor housekeeping, unseen hazards like electrical hazards and fire prevention. Technology can also be employed to manage, supervise and monitor effectively domestic work activities.

Here are links to the speeches:

– Mr Lin Shilie, Deputy Director – Planning & Development, Foreign Manpower Management Division (Ministry of Manpower)
– Mr William Chew, Executive Director – Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Social Support & Training (FAST)
– Mr Fong Kim Choy, Deputy President – National Safety Council of Singapore (NSCS)